Extend our Demo Delay!

(Updated) We did it! We have strengthened Medford’s Demo Delay! Thanks to everyone who shared their passionate commitment – to historic preservation, neighborhood character, and community-driven development – with the City Council Tuesday night (4/18/2017).

The Council voted to amend the current bylaw: to extend the Medford Historical Commission’s demo delay to 18 months, and to require review on demo applications for all buildings built more than 75 years ago. Please stay tuned as we clarify the language, take the bylaw before the Committee of the Whole, and make sure the changes go into effect. And please, reach out to the City Counsel members and let them know you support this change!

Medford Transcript Article on the Vote

Preserve Medford’s Historic Character, Support a Longer Demo Delay

On the Agenda at the City Council Meeting – Tuesday April 18, 2017!!!

Read and Share our FAQ on Demolition Delay 

What is the problem? 

To the dismay of Medford residents, several of our significant historic buildings have been demolished in the past few years. Our local real estate market is notoriously “hot” and Medford’s historic buildings are often torn down and replaced with new construction to maximize developers’ profits.

The Commission has found that our present 6-month Demo Delay is not effective. We have seen numerous cases where owners and developers have showed no interest in working with the Commission or the neighborhood to look at alternatives to demolition. They simply waited out the present 6-month Demo Delay and demolished the property.

How can we solve it? 

The Historical Commission, on behalf of concerned Medford residents, is introducing to City Council an extended Demo Delay Bylaw.  The new Demo Delay Bylaw would provide 2 years to research alternatives to demolition before any more historic buildings are lost.

The extra time will give the Demo Delay some “teeth” – leverage that will better serve Medford’s residents and neighborhoods.

Read and Share our FAQ on Demolition Delay

Our Letter to City Council

Existing Bylaw

Proposed Bylaw

What can Medford residents do to help?

  • Contact Medford’s City Council Members and tell them that you support a 2-year Demo Delay.
  • Speak up at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 18 when the Demo Delay is on the agenda.
  • Attend the public meetings of the Medford Historical Commission when properties you care about are being reviewed. These meetings are opportunities to show owners and developers, in person, that you are concerned.
  • Identify historic properties in your neighborhood. Discuss – with the Historic Commission and the Historic District Commission – how our local history can best be saved.