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Medford Historical Commission
C/O Office of Community Development
Medford City Hall
85 George P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155
(781) 393-2519

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One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Mayor Stephanie M.Burke, City Council,Historic District Commission,and the Historical Commission,
    We are residents of Touro Avenue and very worried and concerned about the pending sale of 21 Touro Avenue. We are homeowners that have lived almost 30 years across from this home. We also live around the corner from Grandfather’s house on South Street which has recently lost it’s beautiful grounds with new houses crowed right next to it, This was such a historical loss to the City of Medford.
    The Greek Revival home”Gates”home of 21 Touro Avenue is absolutely breathtaking standing tall with beautiful surrounding mature trees and a sprawling lawn. The proposed development would crowd in two more homes on the site causing a hardship to the neighborhood and the City of Medford. Our public parking situation is already very difficult with two proposed curb cuts. This would add more residents on the street with more cars that would make it impossible to park, hinder access to emergency vehicles w/hydrants blocked,driveways blocked and promote more handicapped parking violations. Our street has a special ordinance in winter that only allows parking on the odd side of the street due currently the odd side has more parking space with less curb cuts. Perpendicular to our street is South Street which is an emergency artery and in fall/spring/summer does not allow parking Sunday night/Monday AM for street cleaning.
    We would lose beautiful green space w/mature trees taken down for development which would have a negative impact on our environment. This street is part of the Medford Scholars walking/biking route and it’s aesthetic beauty would be ruined with additional development built there for greed of making more money from the builders. Additional homes would add to the density of the neighborhood increasing the workload on our schools and resources. The residents of Touro Avenue and Maple St(behind the 21 Touro Ave)were not consulted with for our thoughts/opinions prior to the sale of the home but only learned of the proposals when notified of a variance requested by the builders per the Board of Appeals meeting on 1/26/16.
    As residents of Touro Avenue, we would like the home and it’s land in it’s entirety to be designated as a Historic District which per a HDC $500.00 study was recommended several months ago. The home is owned by Tufts and it’s previous deceased owner, Priscilla Lindner was a member of the Medford Historical Society. Her home was sold by her nephew while she was sick in a nursing home for $25,000 in 1980 to Tufts University. Current neighbors recall stories of how Priscilla,a Tufts graduate and a proud Medford citizen would educate the neighborhood children about the amazing history of Medford.
    In your busy schedule, would you possibly be able to attend, this HDC meeting next Monday, February 8th a 6 PM,room 201? It would be tragic to lose another historical landmark of Medford to greedy developers.
    Thank You very much for your time,
    Sincerely Yours,
    Pat and Bill Hansen
    22 Touro Avenue

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