“Gut Rehab” Concerns

If you’ve noticed an older property in your neighborhood that’s been *almost entirely* demolished in the renovation process and you’re wondering what’s up, you are not alone. Your Historical Commission has also been concerned about this trend in Medford development.

Below, see the full text of our recent letter to the Mayor on this issue –

A recent example on West Street, in the Hillside neighborhood.

Long story short, we’re worried that “the Building Department has rubber-stamped applications for building permits in a manner which has permitted property owners and developers to circumvent mandatory demolition review by the Historical Commission.”

If you have concerns as well, or examples from your neighborhood, please be in touch with us, or contact the mayor to support our letter!

July Agenda

There will be no new business discussed at our July meeting. But if you’d like to drop in to ask questions or share news, Zoom info is included in the agenda document.

If you’re looking for something more lively, be sure to check out the upcoming ONLINE program hosted by the West Medford Community Center this Sunday.

Thomas Brooks Park Master Plan

The Medford Historical Commission would like to thank all persons who provided feedback on the multi-year master plan for Thomas Brooks Park. The consultant has completed work and we are releasing the final document for visitors to view. We will be undertaking portions of this work over the next several years. We look forward to working with residents over the next several years as we highlight this important Medford historical resource.