Historically Significant – 75 Clewley Road, West Medford

75 Clewley Road, West Medford

At last night’s monthly, public historical commission meeting the commission unanimously decided that the home at 75 Clewley Road was historically significant – based on its scale, age and Craftsman architectural detail, and its contribution to the character of its West Medford neighborhood.

Next month’s public meeting will include a vote on whether or not 75 Clewley Road is preferably preserved. An official announcement of this will be publicized later this month.

When a building is found to be “preferably preserved” an 18-month delay of demolition is imposed, to give the applicant time to consider sale, renovation, reuse, relocation and other alternatives to demolition. However, the demolition delay may be lifted before the 18-month period, if a plan is developed that addresses the concerns of the public and the commission. The applicant is always invited to return to the Commission’s upcoming public meetings to present plans and alternatives and to discuss the preservation concerns that their neighbors and the commission have.

84 Cotting Street, Hillside

A similar house at 84 Cotting Street, in Hillside, split the vote and was found to be NOT historically significant.

90 Alexander Avenue, South Medford

Finally, a house of similar age that had suffered a fire and been substantially rebuilt, at 90 Alexander Avenue in South Medford, was found by unanimous vote to be NOT historically significant.

Representatives for the owners, architects and/or developers of these properties were present – and identified – at our Zoom meeting. More information on all of these properties can be found in the Forms B here.

29 Summer Street, Medford Square South*

209 Park Street & 290 Salem Street, Haines Square

The commission also received complete applications for demolition permission for properties at 29 Summer Street, in Medford Square South, and for buildings on two neighboring parcels in Haines Square – a carriage house at 209 Park Street and a one-story commercial building at 290 Salem Street. Votes on the historical significance of these properties will take place at next month’s public meeting.

75 Clewley Road – Historically Significant