July Decisions

At our July meeting we voted that the house at 109 Forest Street should be preferably preserved. Neighbors expressed – ongoing – concerns that the demolitions plans would be a detriment to the character of the street and neighborhood.

Many neighbors have been following the re-development plans at 109 Forest Street, the corner of Webster and Forest, since June 2019. They expressed the following, in strongly felt statements –

their appreciation of the beauty of our city and its neighborhoods

their frustration with the current mechanisms for preservation in our city

their mistrust of developers, given the recent history of redeveloment in our neighborhoods

their desire for a different kind of redevelopment in our city

Thanks to the Medford residents who wrote in, or attended, to voice their opinions – the public meetings of the Historical Commission, whether virtual or in person, strive to be a space where residents can learn more about what development plans are being pursued in their neighborhoods, and can discuss these plans with property owners and developers.

When a building is found to be “preferably preserved” an 18-month delay of demolition is imposed, to give the applicant time to consider sale, renovation, reuse, relocation and other alternatives to demolition. However, the demolition delay may be lifted before the 18-month period, if a plan is developed that addresses the concerns of the public and the commission. The applicant is always invited to return to the Commission’s upcoming public meetings to present plans and alternatives and to discuss the preservation concerns that their neighbors and the commission have.

We also voted that the 20th century bungalow at 30 Dearborn was NOT historically significant.

The 18th century house at 7-9 Vine Street was found to be historically significant, as was the 19th century Italiante home at 33 Vine Street. Next month, at our public meeting, we will decide whether or not these buildings are also preferably preserved.

April Agenda

April Agenda is available for next week’s meeting – drop by the Zoom to hear the proceedings or let us know what you think! We will be determining whether or not the building at 104 Harvard Street is preferably preserved, and voting on the historical significance of three properties – on Linden Ave, Fulton Ave and Albion Street.

Medford Square
“High Street, Medford, 1860” by Jas. F. Murray.

February Agenda

A busy agenda for next Monday; we will be reviewing applications to demo for 4 properties in Medford. If you want to see the demo review process start to finish, this is how it starts. Note – we are still looking for a new member to replace an outgoing commissioner and complete the commission. If you are interested and have any questions, or want to learn more, please stop by!

Historical Commission Seeks New Members

Medford Historical Commission Call for Letters of Interest

The Medford Historical Commission seeks letters of interest from qualified individuals within the Medford community to serve on our board.The Medford Historical Commission and the Medford Historic District Commission share the common goals of preserving and protecting the City’s historic character and heritage.

The Medford Historical Commission was established under Section 8d of Chapter 40 of the Massachusetts General Laws and Chapter 48 of the Medford Municipal Ordinances. The Commission is the official City body charged with the identification of properties and sites in the City of historical significance and is the principal adviser to the City on matters relating to historic preservation. The Commission is further charged with reviewing all requests for demolition of buildings 75 years or older, or are listed on the National and/or Massachusetts Registers of Historic Places, in accordance with the City’s demolition delay ordinance.

Applicants should have interest, knowledge, and experience in fields related to historic preservation and Medford history.  Interested applicants may contact the Commission for further information. Please include your name and contact information, as well as any supporting material.  Candidates may be contacted by the Commission for an interview. The Commission shall then present a list of nominees to the Mayor for final selection and appointment. Those selected to serve on the board generally serve three years.

Please submit letters & materials to:
Candidate Selection Subcommittee
Ryan D. Hayward, Vice-Chairman
Medford Historical Commission

Email (preferred): HistoricalCommission@Medford-MA.gov

Regular Mail:
Please contact us for regular mailing address (City Hall access is limited)

January 2021 Agenda

This month’s agenda is now available, along with all Zoom info for remote participation.

At our monthly public meeting, this month on Monday Jan 11, the commission will be determining whether or not two properties – one on South Street, and one in Haines Square – are preferably preserved. We invite all residents and members of the public to share their thoughts on these properties with us – you can email, or attend the meeting next week.

Past posts and documents on 75 South Street, and 15 Hadley Place.

120 Jerome Street: Preferably Preserved

Also at our busy December meeting – we voted that the property at 120 Jerome Street should be preferably preserved given its potential contribution to historic district that would preserve and highlight the neighborhood history of West Medford’s African-American community.

When a building is found to be “preferably preserved” an 18 month delay of demolition is imposed, to give the applicant time to consider sale, renovation, reuse, relocation and other alternatives to demolition. The applicant is invited to return to the Commission’s upcoming public meetings to present plans and alternatives – in this case, we voted to have a subcommittee communicate with the developer – and to discuss the preservation concerns that their neighbors and the commission have. If a plan is developed that addresses the concerns of the public and the commission, a demolition delay may be lifted before the 18 month period.

Thanks to the Medford residents who wrote in, or attended in person, to voice their opinions for and against the preservation of this building.

For more on the demo review process at 120 Jerome Street, the posts are collected here.

Winter Hill Neighborhood Property Survey RFP Available 8/17

Outline of the Winter Hill Neighborhood. Oriented to the north.

In collaboration with the City of Medford Procurement Office, the Medford Historical Commission is pleased to announce that beginning on August 17, 2020, RFP 21-0191 for the Winter Hill Neighborhood Historic Property Survey will be available on the City’s online procurement platform. The following is our official announcement and how to get a hold of the documents:





Winter Hill Neighborhood

Historic Properties Survey

The City of Medford (City) is seeking proposals from qualified historic preservation consultants to undertake an intensive-level, neighborhood survey of cultural and architectural resources in the Winter Hill neighborhood of the City of Medford.

This project is being Electronically Bid (E-Bid).  Requests for Proposals will be available beginning Monday, August 17, 2020. Proposal Documents will be available online at:

https://www.bidnetdirect.com/massachusetts/cityofmedford.  All plan holders must have an active online account on http://www.bidnetdirect.com to acquire documents, receive project notifications, and to submit your technical and price proposal electronically.  

Proposers must meet the following minimum qualifications: a Bachelor’s degree in Historic Preservation, Architectural History, History, Art History, or a closely related field, plus at least two years full-time experience in an area relevant to the project; or a Master’s degree in any of the above mentioned areas.

All proposals shall be submitted online to http://www.BidNetDirect.com prior to September 17, 2020, at 2 p.m.   Hard copy proposals will not be accepted by BidNetDirect.com. or by the Awarding Authority.  You can register to become a proposer online at http://www.BidNetDirect.com.  For assistance, contact BidNetDirect.com at 800-835-4603.

Each Proposal shall be submitted in accordance with the Instructions within the RFP.   It is the responsibility of prospective proposers and or bidders to check http://www.BidNetDirect.com for new information via any addenda or modifications to this solicitation.  Addenda will be emailed to all Plan holders registered with BidNet.

Questions regarding this Request for Proposals must be written and submitted via BidNetDirect.com.

As noted above, all addenda shall be sent via BidNetDirect.com and emailed to registered Plan holders.

The City reserves the right to reject all proposals, in whole or in part, as determined to be in the best interests of the City and to waive minor informalities.

Shab Khan

Chief Procurement Officer

Additional information about the project area can be found online in the Survey Plan for South Medford at:


August Agenda

We are still holding our monthly meetings on Zoom, and this month our meeting will start at 7:30 PM Monday, August 10th. Zoom info is in the agenda, below.

On the Agenda is a potential new initiative, in collaboration with Medford’s Community Preservation Coalition, to assist homeowners with preservation projects.

Also on the agenda are further discussions of the recent city council meeting (see video here), and concerns we share with the Building Department about review of permits for gut rehabs and demolitions.

Finally, our members will be joining the Historic District Commission for their public meeting at 6 PM, on Zoom. This public meeting will discuss a proposed Historic District to protect the Haskell-Cutter House. More on the home, and proposed district here.