February Agenda

Agenda for February, minutes for December are posted and available for your review now! Hope to see you all at what looks to be a pretty busy February meeting next Monday.

In other news and for those interested in improvements at Brooks Park on Grove Street – up next is the much needed restoration of both the fieldstone wall along Grove Street, and the restoration of Pomp’s Wall (the brick wall).

In anticipation of the masonry work, the areas in front and up to 5’ behind both walls will be cleared of all invasive plants, small/medium scrub trees and all dead trees/branches. This work has all been approved by the Medford Tree Warden and done in conjunction with the DPW, and the on-site contractor.

You may recall our archaeological dig last summer; that project is mostly completed with a final report due soon. We plan to host a community meeting to share the findings from the dig later this year – keep an eye out.