January Meeting Summary

Here’s a quick look back at the January meeting –

We reviewed 3 applications for demo permits; this begins the process of demolition review by our committee. We reviewed applications submitted by the residents at 78 Cotting Street, and by property owners at 17 Edward Street and 64 Court Street and found them complete.

We also voted to find both 28 Chester Street and 93 Wason Street not historically significant, so their demolition permits have been granted and they will proceed with their plans.

The house, already under redevelopment at 160 Forest St was found to be NOT preferably preserved by a unanimous vote.

The house at 33 Third Street was found to be historically significant by a vote of 4 to 1. At our February Meeting we will decide whether this building is also preferably preserved.

January Agenda

Here’s the agenda for the first meeting of the year, with Zoom details included. Join us! And start 2022 with a look back at some interesting buildings, and a look forward, to where Medford is headed in the new year. We have planned one vote on “preferably preserved,” 3 votes on “historical significance” and review of 2 new applications. With so many cases, we’ll be all over the map – Hillside, Fulton Heights, Wellington, Forest Street and South Medford.

December Applications

At our December meeting the MHC voted to accept three applications for demolition review – this simply means that we have reviewed the application and found it to be complete and sufficient to begin the demolition review process. When we accept applications, this DOES NOT mean that demolition permits will be granted.

Now, the case can advance to the next stage, which is demolition review. After an application is accepted, a Form B, prepared by our contracted architectural historians, will be prepared for the property in question. The commissioners will review the form and, at the meeting of the following month, decide whether or not the property is historically significant.

If it is historically significant, the property will be reviewed at a third meeting, to determine if the property is preferably preserved.

This month, applications were accepted for demolition review for properties at –

93 Wason Street, where the application was submitted by East Coast Buyers LLC of West Babylon NY;

28 Chester Avenue, where the application was submitted by Moacir Fihlo and Quinn Bushe of Medford, MA; and

33 Third Street, where the application was submitted by owner/occupant Chung Lee.

For further news of these cases, look for them to appear on the agenda next month, when we will vote on historical significance.

December Agenda

Our last meeting of 2021 and the agenda is up!! The Historical Commission will be determining whether or not 17 Manning Street, in Medford Square South, is preferably preserved. The Form B, which describes both the home’s architecture and its social history is available here –

We will also determine whether or not the house that has already been substantially alerted, at 160 Forest Street, was historically significant before renovation began.

We will also be receiving applications for demolition review – for properties in Fulton Heights, Hillside & Wellington and Medford Square.