Hot Property – Peter Tufts House

Wicked Local published a statement from John Anderson, the President of the Medford Historical Society & Museum on the sale of the Peter Tufts House by the Medford Historical Society & Museum.

Although it doesn’t come until late in the piece, he assures everyone that

The Peter Tufts House is NOT THREATENED in any way by this decision. When MHSM purchased the property, the deed included a permanent preservation restriction administered by Historic New England. The property cannot be subdivided or demolished. The entire exterior and many of the interior features are protected by the deed restrictions. HNE requires work to be approved in advance and they inspect the house annually for compliance.

The realtor’s listing is here.  The Medford Historical Society & Museum and the Medford Historical Commission are two separate entities; the former is private and funded by membership and donation, the latter is public and part of Medford’s city government.

But we are all involved in the work of sharing, preserving and protecting Medford’s history as best we can.