February Decisions

A quick run down of the votes and decisions this month, and what to look for at next month’s meeting –

Both 28 Grove Street and the carriage house at 91 Winchester Street were voted historically significant. Both are in fairly visible locations – take a stroll by and see the classical proportions and Craftsman aesthetic, in the natraul stone porch foundation, and the Tuscan columns, at 28 Grove Street. At 91 Winchester Street the carriage house was historically used as a carpentry shop, and the Form B – available here – describes the lively neighbhorhood adjacent to the old railroad station, of which this business was part. At our March meeting the Historical Commission will determine whether these properties are preferably preserved.

Next month the Historical Commission will also be determining historical significance for 3 properties at the corner of North Street and Boston Avenue – 236 Boston Avenue, 222 Boston Avenue/55 North Street, and 67 North Street, most recently Rudy’s Upholstery. The history of the American Woolen Company and the associated businesses that grew nearby in the early 20th century can be read in the area form (below) that our architectural historians wrote when the Commission surveyed the Hillside neighborhood of Medford.

The Historical Commission has declined to review demo permits for both 86 Suffolk Street and 230 Boston Avenue; at Suffolk Street, the renovations do not amount to demolition and at 230 Boston Avenue the building is not old enough to fall under the commission’s purview.