Meet Your Commissioners: Jessica Farrell

I moved to Medford in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the city’s historic neighborhoods, access to nature, and wonderful people. I’m an engaged community member who rolls her sleeves up to get involved in many aspects of Medford life. I’ve been working in archives and preservation since 2008, and am a strong advocate for libraries, archives, and preservation programs. I care deeply about Medford’s future, and while I advocate across myriad issues in the city, I wanted to join the Commission because this is an area of resource management that I have relevant professional experience in to make particularly informed recommendations. Joining the Commission has allowed me to bring my records management and library preservation knowledge to Medford, while getting to learn so much more about architectural preservation and our built environment. I think it’s useful to have a renter’s perspective on the Commission and I filled that role in my first year of service. I have since hopped barely over the line to our (ahem) sister (not rival?) city Malden with my husband Joel, and am honored to serve the Commission through the end of my term. No matter the season, you can usually find me birding at the Brooks Estate, the Fells, Mystic Lakes, or along the Mystic River paths.